Mager Media News Update – Tuesday, August 30, 2022 (Nehase 24, 2014 EC)

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Mager Media News Update – Tuesday, August 30, 2022 (Nehase 24, 2014 EC)

Today’s Mager News Updates are as follows:

  • Status of Woldia and surrounding areas
  • Ongoing ethnic-based massacres of Amharas in Wollega by the OLA
  • Members and leaders of Amhara Fano Shewa arrested in Debre Birhan city.

Situation update on Woldia and surrounding area

Mager Media spoke to its sources on the ground regarding the current situation in Woldia city and the surrounding area.

Today, August 30, 2022 (Nehase 24, 2014 EC) invading TPLF forces came from Gobiye town to control Woldia town and Misraq Amhara Fano is conducting intense warfare in an area called Worke.

At the time of this news report, Woldia town remains under control of allied forces though intense fighting is taking place in surrounding kebeles according to Mager Media’s sources on the ground.

Similarly, fighting has continued in the Zobel mountains side of Raya Kobo Woreda between TPLF and Amhara Fano according to sources on the ground.

Misraq Amhara Fano through their social media announced that the heroes are fighting valiantly in Woldia, heart of North Wollo, against the invading TPLF army and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) members who have infiltrated into the national defendse forces and opened fire against them from behind to antagonize Fano and terrorize the people.

In addition, these forces are firing onto Amhara Special Forces, militias and Fano to sow discord and so the people should take special care on this matter and continue to support ally forces.

It has been six days since the invading TPLF army declared full-scale war. In the span of these six days it has managed to occupy Kobo, Aradom, Robit, Gobiye and Hara towns of Raya Kobo Woreda (North Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia). They are also massacring civilians and systematically looting property in these areas, as previously reported by Mager Media.

Massacre of Amharas by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) continues in Horo Guduru Wollega

A targeted killing spree which began yesterday morning has continued into today in Amuru Woreda (Horo Guduru Wollega Zone, Oromo Region) according to residents who spoke to Mager Media.

Yesterday morning, Monday, August 29, 2022 (Nehase 23, 2014 EC), the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) began a new wave of targeted attacks and large-scale ethnic-based killings against Amhara civilians in Agamsa Kebele (Amuru Woreda) and neighboring kebeles are underway.

Days earlier defense forces were withdrew from the area which was followed by OLA forces entering from its camps in the nearby jungle and proceeded to begin massacring, abducting and looting Amharas in the area.

At the time of this news emerging, gunfire can be heard in the kebele and Amharas in the area are scrambling for protection.

At this time, OLA is fully in control of Jabo Doben, Idgete, Agamsa, Gida Ayana, Bibintu, Welkite and other kebeles of Amuru Woreda where it is perpetrating systematic massacres according to residents.

In related news, Amharas in Gimbi Woreda (West Wollega Zone) spoke to Mager Media expressing their fear of an imminent attack from the OLA.

Residents said defense forces which were in the area withdrew which has left them fearing an imminent attack as Oromo Special Forces in the area are known to collude with the OLA in perpetrating massacres against Amharas.

In recent days, defense forces in various zones of Wollega were made to withdrew from their positions as previously reported by Mager Media.

Members of Amhara Fano in Shewa are arrested in Debre Birhan

Leaders and members of Amhara Fano in Shewa have been arrested in Debre Birhan city accused of coordinating protests, according to Mager Media’s sources.

Over the past week, leaders and members of Amhara Fano in Shewa walked out of a meeting called by the Debre Birhan administration, calling for the immediate release of Amhara Fano Amechach members detained in Bahir Dar and the more than 12,000 Amhara Fano leaders and members, which was followed by five Amhara Fano in Shewa leaders and members being arrested.

Members of Fano today, August 30, 2022 appeared in the woreda court and were ordered to appear again in seven days and were given an alternative date for tomorrow at 9 am, according to Mager Media’s sources.

Sources who said the zonal and city administration has continued its persecution of Fano, added the continuation of this undue practice is saddening in the midst of a full scale invasion of Amhara.

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