How ethnic killings exploded from an Ethiopian town

Soon after fighting broke out in Ethiopia's western Tigray region last year, conflicting accounts surfaced of an ethnic massacre in a farming town called Mai Kadra. Now Reuters has uncovered how the violence began and the brutal cycle of vengeance and slaughter that followed.

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Reuters published an investigative piece on the massacre of Amharas in Mai Kadra. This is article is more balanced than most article who have written on the massacre. AAA is proud to have contributed to this article highlighting the scale of the massacre. “On Monday they killed,” said Maru Gebremariam, a 56-year-old Amhara who serves as the church watchman. “On Tuesday the ENDF came, and we started to collect the dead and wounded. On Wednesday we buried them.”“The Amhara Association of America, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based organization that advocates for Amharas in the diaspora, gave Reuters a list of 707 Amhara victims it gathered from witness testimony. At least five of the names on the list of those killed were verified by Reuters’ own reporting. The state-appointed Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has estimated the toll at 600, but has acknowledged it couldn’t immediately document reprisal attacks on Tigrayans because so many fled.”

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