Mager Media Special Coverage – Wednesday, August 24, 2022 (Nehase 18, 2014 EC)

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Mager Media Special Coverage – Wednesday, August 24, 2022 (Nehase 18, 2014 EC)

TPLF has opened full fledged war

This morning at 3 am, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) started heavy fighting on the Raya and Afar fronts according to sources on the ground who spoke to Mager Media.

On the Raya front they attacked at Jemedo and Zobel mountains, and areas around Biset and on the Afar front as well using heavy artillery and have attacked Amhara Fano, militias, special forces and national defense force positions.

The TPLF started the war according to sources and initiated heavy fighting in the areas of Jemedo, Mehago, Shemeza Giyorgis, Atela Mikael and Janamora.

At the time of this news TPLF forces have managed to control Janamora mountain according to sources.

For the past two weeks TPLF has mobilized its forces, weapons and vehicles on the Raya and Afar fronts.

Regarding the war, Misraq Amhara Fano issued a statement stating that the invading Tigrayan forces have opened full war on the Raya front.

There is intense fighting going on at the Raya front, on the west side in Jemedo and Mehago, and towards the Gidan line, and at the Afar front they have started intense fighting in the Boteli area.

Misraq Amhara Fano called for the people to stand with allied forces (defense forces, special forces, Fano and militias) providing all necessary support including rations and to join the defense effort.

Similarly, TPLF has fired heavy artillery on the Telemt front near Waldebba where heavy gunfire can be heard following intense war preparation and mobilization of its forces which made fighting inevitable according to Amhara Fano Head on the Telemt front, Fano Tsegaye Eshete who spoke to Mager Media.

In addition, TPLF has started guerilla warfare in addition to usual harassments on the Humera and Welkait fronts according to Mager Media’s sources in the area.

Sources added TPLF was preparing for war on the Humera front with army activity and training. 

In repeated statements, TPLF has blamed Ethiopian forces for provocations to which the Ethiopian Government has responded is wrongful.

According to sources, TPLF started the current full fledged war by using previously occupied Raya Alamata and Raya Bala areas as a base of operations.

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