Mager Media News Update – Wednesday, September 7, 2022 (Puagme 2, 2014 EC)

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Mager Media News Update – Wednesday, September 7, 2022 (Puagme 2, 2014 EC)

Today’s Mager Media updates are as follows:

  • Current updates on the war front in the Humera, Welkait, Telemt, Afar and Woldia areas.
  • Gonder University has published its research study on the Amhara genocide in Welkait Tegede and Telemt.
  • Intensified crackdown against Journalists.

Current situation in the Humera, Welkait, Telemt, Afar and Woldia areas

Mager Media has spoken to sources on the war front to confirm updates on the Humera, Welkait, Telemt, Afar and Woldia fronts. 

The war which reintensified with Woyane [Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)] forces invading into the Amhara Region has continued. Sources from the ground stated that offensive operations had begun across war fronts.

The invading group on the Telemt front was completely pushed out of Adirkay Woreda.

In addition, allied forces (Amhara Fano, Special Forces, militias and defense forces) have surrounded the Mayleham, Aba Mar, Buya and May Tebri areas.

On this front, fighting continued today in areas near Mayleham including the Adinate and Mezkir Aba areas.

Fighting has also continued on the Welkait Tegede and Humera front on the area bordering Sudan namely the Bereket and Shereri areas.

On this front yesterday evening and today, many Woyane fortresses were neutralized and allied forces secured many successful offensive operations.

The fighting in Woldia has also continued today in areas surrounding Woldia including Workie, Alwuha, Robit, Qalim and Gobiye.  

Fighting has also continued today in Sekota Woreda of Wag Hemra Zone.

The invading Woyane forces also killed 25 civilians in Welhe shelter/camp. Among those killed were a mother and her four children.

On all fronts, local residents have provided rations to allied forces to defend against the invasion.

Gonder University published its research study on the Amhara genocide in Welkait Tegede and Telemt

Gonder University published its research study findings over the course of the last 1.5 years on the Amhara Genocide perpetrated by the invading TPLF in the Welkait Tegede Telemt area.

The research report was published on September 5, 2022 (Nehase 30, 2014 EC) and showed the historic crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing perpetrated against Amhara people in the Welkait-Tegede and Telemt areas. According to the research team, the findings are meant to show the Ethiopian people, international human rights organizations, governments and other relevant stakeholders.

The research team wanted to show the illegal acts committed against the victims should be taken as crimes committed against the greater Ethiopian people and for this to show everyone why ethnic-based attacks should be condemned by all based on first-hand evidence and accounts to educate all.

Gonder University has pursued this research on the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Welkait-Tegede and Telemt Amhara people in an effort to seek truth, provide documentation for justice and to ensure the frequent crimes of ethnic-based attacks do not continue to become normalized and so the tragedies of the past become a lesson for the future and are not repeated.

The matter which is of utmost importance in measures of legality, freedom and morality is hoped to bring the issue to the international community’s attention and beyond that, bring forth lasting peace by informing policy based on research.

The research team also called for Ethiopians living abroad to learn of these criminal acts and expressed preparations underway to make this possible.

Journalists Gobeze Sisay and Meaza Mohammed have been arrested by government forces 

Journalist Gobeze Sisay and Meaza Mohammed were arrested by government forces on September 7, 2022 (Puagme 2, 2014 EC).

Journalist Gobeze Sisay was arrested by federal forces from his home according to family members who spoke to Mager Media.

Gobeze was arrested by men identifying themselves as federal police on September 7, 2022 (Puagme 2, 2014 EC) at 7:30 am near the Hayat Train Station in Mikura sub-city, Addis Ababa. Gobeze was taken by a total of 11 men claiming to be federal police, 3 of which were armed and the remaining 8 who were wearing civilian clothing, in the area where he was renting a property. The men also ransacked his residence while recording the act, according to Gobeze’s brother, Mr. Kedir Sisay who spoke to Mager Media.

According to Mr. Kedir the search was conducted without a court directive and authorities confiscated bank documents, mobile phones and laptops.

Gobeze’s spouse and others who witnessed what transpired and reported that authorities took Gobeze to the Mexico federal police prison where they were told they would be asked to provide sworn statements.

Journalist Gobeze Sisay was present at the Raya Kobo – Wollo front in the recent outbreak of fighting and invasion by TPLF and is known for providing the people’s perspective through his reporting which was controversial and politicized by Prosperity and TPLF allied propagandists which was used as a pretext to arrest him.

Journalist Gobeze was illegally abducted and detained for 9 days before being released only months prior.

Similarly, journalist Meaza Mohammed was also abducted by men dressed in federal police uniforms.

Meaza was in Shiro Meda neighborhood of Addis Ababa when men dressed in federal police uniforms (government forces) abducted her, according to her Roha Media colleague who witnessed the act.

 Meaza months prior was also abducted by government forces for about one month.

In Ethiopia many journalists and activists who have voiced views unfavorable to the government have faced arrests, and despite being granted release on bail by courts have been detained illegally which has been reported by many international human rights organizations.

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